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No surgeon likes to walk away from a patient on the operating table with a tube in their heart. While coronary catheterization can help people with a wide variety of heart problems, physicians are still forced to leave their patient’s side to control the catheter and avoid breaking sterile procedures. But that’s about to change. Thanks to DriftCoast, surgeons may soon be able to touchlessly control cardiac catheters within the operating theater.

Touchless rocket design, robotic controls, massive art exhibits, live musical performances – it’s been an amazing year at Leap Motion. When we launched on July 22, we could scarcely imagine how our developer community would be able to use our SDK to build the next generation of 3D apps.

During surgery, the ability to navigate medical images like X-rays and MRIs is often essential. But keeping things clean eats up time, as surgeons often have to verbally instruct support staff through the images. The alternative is to remove their gloves, scrub their hands and arms, interact with the images, and scrub back in after […]

Last month, we heard from Dr. Guillermo Rosa, who made Leap Motion history at his family’s private dental practice in Resistencia, Argentina. As the first person to use the Leap Motion Controller during dental implant surgery, Dr. Rosa is also the first person ever confirmed to use our technology under sterile operating conditions for a […]

At Leap Motion, our goal is to push beyond the barriers created by old interfaces, so we can open up new possibilities in a variety of fields. Dan Gill, our head of enterprise business, writes about how Leap Motion technology could transform everything from healthcare to aerospace in the latest issue of Lead IT magazine.