Imagine reaching into a song and tweaking it with your fingers, without anything getting in the way. In our latest spotlight video, electronic musician DJ SelArom shows how it’s possible with the Leap Motion Controller and GecoMIDI.

GecoMIDI is a powerful music app that gives musicians like DJ SelArom the power to reach out and control the flow of their music. Designed for live performance and quick configuration by music professionals, it allows each hand to access a wide variety of customizable control streams. GecoMIDI with Leap Motion control works alongside DJ SelArom’s existing setup – augmenting traditional controls to create something new.

Moving his hands above the device, DJ SelArom is able to create a smooth electro-industrial sound without touching anything. It’s a fluid, expressive way to make music with natural hand movements:

Whether you’re playing your own music or playing someone else’s music, it’s a written track. It’s a done deal, it’s going to come out the way it was produced. Leap Motion lets you add a layer on top of that – so that every time you do it, it’s going to be different. You’re not just controlling the music, you’re now part of the music.

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