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How we think about everyday objects is changing with accessible 3D printing, and new tools are emerging to make it easier to design and create just about anything you can imagine. Sculpteo and the Autodesk Gallery recently hosted a “Decoding 3D Printing” workshop to help hobbyists and professionals get up to speed in an afternoon. […]

What do 3D printers and analog clocks have in common? Find out this week on Developer Labs with a retro art experiment and how hardware hacking can change the world. Plus, three young developers on building apps for Airspace, text input interfaces, augmenting the web, and robotic learning. To take control of your own hardware integrations, check […]

What’s an entertaining way of getting students excited about electronics and technology development? Showing them projects that have only been made recently possible and blowing their minds! This is one of the projects that I use to do this. Without touching anything, it allows you to control the functionality of a 3D printer. That’s some Tony Stark future stuff right there. Future stuff in the present moment.

From bringing the Wu-Tang style to interactive hardware to designing printed circuit boards in Uganda, Andrew Maxwell-Parish’s explorations into open-space technology have taken him to interesting places – both conceptual and geographical. Earlier this month, Andrew talked about his five-month artist residency at Autodesk’s Pier 9 in San Francisco, and we were there to hear all about it.

Today is your last chance to share your feedback and help us shape our roadmap for 2014. Plus, we’ve upgraded our documentation and app review guidelines, as well as added a new feature to Airspace. From giant vibrating strings that explode into light and sound to grainy music you can create with your fingers, we’re […]

Want to tweak, distort, and transform your sound with Leap Motion and electric guitar? This week on Developer Labs, Nicolás Earnshaw talks about designing musical interfaces and his experiments with a touchless modulating app that uses the Leap Motion Controller to track a guitar head. Plus, check out Isaac Cohen’s latest talk on art, nature, […]

Last week, we showed you how easy it is to create a sculpture in the air with Sculpting and get it delivered straight to your mailbox. But what if you could cut out the wait? What if you could walk into a shop with an idea, and come out with an object in your hands?

As a wise philosopher once said, we are living in a material world. While virtual objects are great, there’s something amazing about being able to hold something in your hand – like how an image on your computer can disappear in a flash, but a physical photograph is unique and permanent. Today, we’re going to show you how to bring your Sculpting creations to life with the power of 3D printing, from bits to atoms in five easy steps.

Visitors at this year’s Toronto Mini Maker Faire were able to effortlessly turn air drawings into plastic sculptures, thanks to a 3D printer and the Leap Motion Controller. Created by Hot Pop Factory, the exhibit brought to life the possibilities of 3D design for people of all ages. We’ll let Hot Pop Factory tell you […]