From manipulating molecules to exploring our universe, Airspace offers many science apps covering a wide range of core concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. Here are six apps that will take students on a journey from microscopic to cosmic.

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  • Take a hands-on approach to molecular structures, with the ability to display and manipulate complex 3D molecules.
  • Access new molecules from a variety of sources.
  • Available for Mac only.

Powers of Minus Ten

  • Discover some of the basic concepts in biology, including cells, proteins, and genetics.
  • Understand how different life processes work together.
  • Specially developed to supplement a late-middle to early-high school introductory science curriculum.

Frog Dissection

  • Learn about the secrets of amphibian biology in an engaging lab experience, without the formaldehyde.
  • Examine detailed 3D models of organs and learn about their functions within the body.
  • Experience the frog’s lifecycle from tadpole to adult.

Cyber Science – Motion

  • Learn about human biology by dissecting and reassembling a human skull.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of spatial and anatomical relationships.

Solar Walk

  • Navigate through space to learn about our sun’s planets, including their orbits, inner structures, the history of their exploration, and points of interest, and more.
  • Look closely at each planet, or zoom out to view the entire known galaxy.
  • Available for Mac only.


  • See the stars in a new way as you explore all known exoplanets, from the inner reaches of our solar system to the cosmic microwave background radiation.
  • Created by an astrophysicist, Exoplanet features interactive visualizations and animations, and is updated whenever new discoveries are confirmed.
  • Available for Mac only.

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