Are you ready to reach out and explore the world? As part of our #LeapInto Learning week, expand your knowledge about distant places with these two free geography apps for the Leap Motion Controller.

Give your students a list of locations to find, and time them to see who can fly through them all. Or take a virtual trip to see the sights in a city of your choice.


Google Earth

  • Soar above the cities, mountains, rainforests, and oceans on Earth, or discover new sights on the moon and Mars.
  • Powerful controls allow you to zoom, pan, and tilt with ease.
  • Tip: Use your hand like a helicopter, moving down to zoom in, up to zoom out, and small angles to bank side to side.


  • Fly above 25 world cities – from Barcelona to Vienna – with a tiny paper airplane.
  • Simple, intuitive controls well-suited to inexperienced fliers.
  • Tip: To start riding the breeze with this web app, we recommend Google Chrome. Make sure you’ve checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab).

We want to hear about your children’s journeys with these and other apps for Leap Motion – submit your stories, pictures and videos here.