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On Developer Labs this week, discover how to start building 3D worlds that you can reach into and control. In other news, read about our Maker and Internet of Things community at RobotsConf, and check out the developer project that won our #LeapSquared photo contest. Plus, updates to OpenLeapKit and the LeapMotionP5 library, magic painting, […]

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re invited to celebrate with us at our final meetup of the year! With 2013 soon drawing to a close, Developer Labs looks to the past and future – from the early days of our platform to the future of game design with M1 Interactive. Plus, our […]

With the launch of our redesigned Airspace Store and new beta build, it’s been another week of big advances for our platform. On Developer Labs, discover five storytelling tips and how to create compelling app trailers. We’re also featuring updated developer marketing assets and a campaign to build a game that helps treat visual problems. […]

This week, our developer community meets in San Francisco, and we've released a new starter kit for Unity. On Developer Labs, we have five essential tips for a great Airspace profile and sample code for our Cross-Promotions API. Plus, three new JavaScript projects, a touchless Nerf defense armament, four robotic arms, and more.

This week, get ready to change the world with a new accelerator for Leap Motion developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. On Developer Labs, reach into the future of web interaction with guides to using LeapTrainer and Unity Web Player. Plus, how Autodesk is changing the face of design, 3D modelling on the web, and a musical […]

This week, we made a major upgrade to the Leap Motion software, with new features in Airspace Home, along with parity among our three SDK versions. On Developer Labs, we have a new cross-promotions feature in the Airspace Store, and some insights on NUI game design from two Double Fine developers. Plus, augmented reality, interactive […]

Change is in the air this week with the upcoming launch of our new community platform and 4 additional supported currencies in the Airspace Store. Starting today, you can become a contributor to Developer Labs. Plus, the latest version of LeapTrainer, an interactive graffiti installation, video jogging, and constructing a robot arm.

Tonight, Leap Motion developers are coming together at HTML5 DevConf to discuss the future of our platform. On Developer Labs, we have 3D finger painting and rapid prototyping with a new visual programming language. Check out smart home experiments, a Leap Motion guitar, bio-robotic creature control, and an evil-looking hand. Plus, we’re welcoming our new […]

Next Tuesday, you’re invited to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for our monthly developer meetup and the HTML5 Developer Conference. But first, put on your designer’s cap and dive into Theo Armour’s boilerplate for Three.js, and meet the creator of a new rail shooter designed exclusively for the Leap Motion Controller. Plus, a JavaScript-based web cursor, an […]

Web developers, start your engines – we’re taking submissions for web links in the Airspace Store and highlighting web apps at this month’s developer meetup. On Developer Labs, Hagai Davidoff describes the experience of playing an entire live orchestra. Plus, a Matlab MEX interface, 3D mesh finger painting, semantic searches and big data, writing in […]