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We’ve made some changes to how we ship the Leap Motion Controller globally to customers who purchase from our website. As we continue to build the next generation of our software, we want to streamline how we sell and ship our devices so we can be more efficient. At the same time, we want to […]

When Grammy-nominated composer BT was just a kid, his music teacher told him that nothing new would ever happen in the industry again – that becoming a master involved artfully rehashing the past.

Thankfully, BT rejected this idea early on. While he honed his skills studying the classics, the outpourings of his imagination found inspiration in the everyday sounds most people overlook. The nighttime orchestra of insects. The meter of a grandfather clock. In order to rein the subtle beauty of these sounds into cohesive compositions, he realized he needed tools that didn’t exist… yet.

This week, ditch the remote and grab the popcorn with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion interaction – a whole new way to watch high-quality videos. Plus, a fast-paced speed racer that lives in your browser, magical fireflies, an arcade-style dubstep game, and an elegant wooden puzzle.

Ever wonder how apps make it into the Leap Motion App Store? While all apps have to pass our comprehensive set of review guidelines, we’ve noticed that some blocking issues are more common than others. Today, I’d like to share the top 10 most common reasons that we often have to say “not yet” – including links to the relevant guidelines. Hopefully, these tips will help you glide through the app review process.

In the olden days, before the rise of high-speed Internet, LAN parties were the best way to bring PC gamers together. Now, as gamers tire of being cursed out by foul-mouthed 12-year-olds, LAN parties are making a comeback. Fighting for glory and prizes, they come together under the same roof, often for days at a stretch.

Every day, we’re surrounded by invisible connections that create an alternate landscape of data highs and lows. This week in Airspace, reach into five invisible cities around the world and watch the terrain warp over time. Plus, four new games, a musical journey through the stars, and an app to help you hand-eye coordination.

Like many developers, Chris Galzerano is a creature of the late night. Fuelled by quick afternoon power naps, he typically codes straight into the early hours of the morning before going to bed. After all, he has school in the morning. One of three young developers with apps in the Leap Motion App Store, Chris is the […]

Let’s face it – sometimes a computer just isn’t enough. Whether you’re playing a friendly game or crushing your enemies into dust, there’s nothing like pitting your wits and skills against another gamer. From shooting down enemy pilots and smashing orcs with online multiplayer, to playing competitive arcade, pub, and puzzle games at home, here […]

Ever wanted to smack a troll in the face with a smelly fish? Thanks to the latest free Airspace game, your wait is finally over. Also free this week, play with a magical puppet theater and learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. Plus, defeat wisecracking aliens and read the latest business news […]

M1 Interactive recently partnered with Leap Motion to create a freely available starter kit for all developers who want to build the next generation of games on the Unity platform. This post is the second in a three-part series; you can read the first post here. Note: The Starter Kit has been deprecated. Be sure to […]