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A brief, compelling video on your Leap Motion App Store profile is a great way to grab people’s attention and promote your app. In this post, we’re going to highlight our best practices for app trailers and demos, along with some real examples (and exceptions) from the App Store.

Everybody loves a great story, and your app is a story waiting to happen. Whether you’ve created a game that takes people into another world, or a plugin that will make it easier for artists to work their craft, it’s important that your Leap Motion App Store profile tells that story. Here are five tips for […]

Since we released our cross-promotions feature, several developers have taken advantage of this powerful tool to create trial versions of their apps in the Leap Motion App Store. To help you get started, I’ve written a quick sample that integrates the Cross-Promotions API into apps. It’s basically a single GET request – your app simply parses […]

Want to make a good first impression? We recently highlighted how app menus and settings are crucial to setting the tone for the rest of your app experience. But before your users download your app, they’ll be looking at its Leap Motion App Store profile – and most people will make a purchasing decision within a […]

Imagine reaching into a song and tweaking it with your fingers, without anything getting in the way. In our latest spotlight video, electronic musician DJ SelArom shows how it’s possible with the Leap Motion Controller and GecoMIDI.

We live in a designed world – where form and function are woven together into our everyday lives. From computer animation and architecture to complex machines and tiny gadgets, much of our world is conceived in 3D design programs like Autodesk Maya before it takes physical shape.

Along with playing and learning, games are an amazing way to tell stories. With the 6 newest titles in the Airspace Store, you can stretch your mind, enjoy classic games of hand-eye coordination, or explore a unique photographic experience through dreams.

Since July, we’ve seen lots of innovative performances from musicians using the Leap Motion Controller. This weekend, Uriel Yehezkel followed up from his last performance created with GecoMIDI and Leap Motion to drop the bass on some dubstep.

Bernard Drax is the man behind the Drax Files, a mixed reality YouTube channel that combines real-life interviews with in-game machinima to showcase the creations of Second Life. Launched out of Linden Lab in 2003, Second Life allows designers, developers, musicians, social activists, and historical reenactors across the world to pull ideas directly out of their imaginations and into virtual reality. The software is embedded with 3D modeling tools, allowing seasoned innovators like Drax to push the boundaries of space, form, and light. According to Drax, the capacity for immersive navigation in true 3D space has been missing in the span of his seven-year residency. Until now.

Starting this week, we’re excited to announce a brand-new feature for Leap Motion App Store developers. With cross-promotions in the store, you can now pair two apps to allow one to promote the other. To kick things off, we’re calling on developers to take advantage of this new feature by cross-promoting trial and paid versions of […]