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Happy holidays! In the spirit of the season, rediscover wonder and unwrap the Universe of Sound on Developer Labs. Plus, reach into touchless interaction with the Internet of Things and think about 3D app design with Lotus creator Eddie Lee. This week’s newsletter also features outdoor Christmas lights with Leap Motion color control, an Arduino-driven laser […]

At SmartThings, we think a lot about the way we interact with the everyday objects around us. We integrated Leap Motion interaction with our open platform to unlock a new world of possibilities in which home automation devices didn’t just respond automatically to our preferences and presence, but also to our hand movements.

I am working with the Leap Motion Controller and have come across a “soft area” in the API – there is not a direct bridge between the Unity web player and the Leap Motion Controller. This has to do with the fact that the Unity web player is “sandboxed” to prevent its having access to […]

Patrick Hackett (@playmorevgames) is a Senior Gameplay Programmer and Drew Skillman (@dskillsaw) is a technical artist at Double Fine Productions. This post originally appeared on Gamasutra. If you’re a regular Gamasutra reader, you’ve likely seen an article or two about the prototyping process at Double Fine and how it has become a cornerstone of the company’s nature.  Our […]

Visitors at this year’s Toronto Mini Maker Faire were able to effortlessly turn air drawings into plastic sculptures, thanks to a 3D printer and the Leap Motion Controller. Created by Hot Pop Factory, the exhibit brought to life the possibilities of 3D design for people of all ages. We’ll let Hot Pop Factory tell you […]

Today on the Leap Motion blog, we’ve featured 7 visual experiments created by our developer community. Last week, we caught up with creative developer Rom, who designed the interactive LED wall and architectural model in the videos below. 1. What inspired you to integrate physical models with the Leap Motion Controller? The Leap Motion Controller […]

The Leap Motion hardware is deceptively simple – two infrared cameras and three LEDs, encased in a shell of glass and aluminum. However, as Leap Motion industrial designer Kyle Hay showed on our blog, our hardware is really a labor of love and years of development. We recently asked three of our hardware engineers about […]

We’ve seen how hardware, software, and graphics constraints can all work to produce latency. Now it’s time to put them all together, and ask what we can take away from this analysis.

Latency is an important factor in making any human interface feel right. The Leap Motion Controller has lower latency than other similar products on the market, but exactly how low is it? The honest answer is that it depends on quite a few different variables, some of which are often overlooked.