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SKYLINE is a 10-day architecture showcase that stretches across a completely walkable 10 x 10 block grid in downtown LA – where spaces ranging from penthouses to historic banks to hotel lobbies host interactive installations that embody the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Leap Motion was a natural fit for SKYLINE participant Behnaz Farahi, a […]

Last week, we saw how touchless gaming can train your brain and help with physical rehab. But what if the Leap Motion Controller could be used to control medical devices during heart surgery? Plus, real-time sign language translation, 10 tips for getting your app into Airspace, and a wall that responds to human movements. To […]

No surgeon likes to walk away from a patient on the operating table with a tube in their heart. While coronary catheterization can help people with a wide variety of heart problems, physicians are still forced to leave their patient’s side to control the catheter and avoid breaking sterile procedures. But that’s about to change. Thanks to DriftCoast, surgeons may soon be able to touchlessly control cardiac catheters within the operating theater.

What if buildings could change their shape in response to your movements? This week on Developer Labs, dive into the future of architecture with the creators of the Aether Project. Plus, highlights from last month’s Leap Motion hackathon and a new Japanese language feature in the Airspace Store. Also new this week, learning the periodic […]

Whether taking aerial photos, delivering books, or flipping through the air for fun, quadrotor drones are now more popular than ever. At the same time, developers are continually experimenting with new ways to control them. Here are four videos from Leap Motion developers who hacked quadrotors to create touchless motion-controlled flying machines.

What do 3D printers and analog clocks have in common? Find out this week on Developer Labs with a retro art experiment and how hardware hacking can change the world. Plus, three young developers on building apps for Airspace, text input interfaces, augmenting the web, and robotic learning. To take control of your own hardware integrations, check […]

What’s an entertaining way of getting students excited about electronics and technology development? Showing them projects that have only been made recently possible and blowing their minds! This is one of the projects that I use to do this. Without touching anything, it allows you to control the functionality of a 3D printer. That’s some Tony Stark future stuff right there. Future stuff in the present moment.

From bringing the Wu-Tang style to interactive hardware to designing printed circuit boards in Uganda, Andrew Maxwell-Parish’s explorations into open-space technology have taken him to interesting places – both conceptual and geographical. Earlier this month, Andrew talked about his five-month artist residency at Autodesk’s Pier 9 in San Francisco, and we were there to hear all about it.

What do a Philips Hue bulb and the Leap Motion Controller have to do with each other? Nothing, until you start imagining how they can work together. Today, we’ll take a look at how I can control colors by waving my hand in the air.

It’s time to fully embrace a change in the way we think about technology and how we use it in our day-to-day lives. The gadgets, the APIs, and the common ground for connecting them all together in diverse and incredible ways exist right now. Leap Motion is just one part of rediscovering how we can […]