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Desktop computing is taking on a whole new dimension. This week, HP launched the latest generation of embedded Leap Motion™ technology with 11 HP desktop and all-in-one platforms. Now for sale on, these systems are available with keyboards featuring built-in Leap Motion sensor technology. Following the release of the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE […]

Less than a month after our last update, we’re rolling out several new features in version 1.1 of the Leap Motion software. Here are some of the new features you’ll find when you update:

This week in Airspace, sculpt clay in the air, dive through Stan Lee’s latest creation, and soar above the clouds to explore global weather with our latest apps for Mac and Windows. Plus, a free app from Flow Studios, a new educational app from PBS and Sid the Science Kid, and lots more.

With a major design update and a wide variety of new apps, it’s been an amazing week for the Airspace Store. Along with the 10 new apps below, the Airspace Store also released four custom collections of apps – making the discovery of great apps even easier. Check out our 10 newest apps below, or […]

Get ready to fly through an alien multiplayer world, unravel a tangled puzzle, or knock down cube creatures with the latest apps in the Airspace Store. This week, we have four new games, and an RSS reader with Leap Motion control. Plus, download the free trial version for the sequel to Boom Ball – one […]

At Leap Motion, we’re always working to make the Airspace experience truly global. A few weeks ago, we introduced Airspace Store support for the Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, and Chinese yuan alongside the US dollar. Recently, we introduced 9 additional currencies – the Swiss franc, Thai baht, Swedish krona, South Korean won, and Canadian, […]

From walking the streets in scary costumes to carving pumpkins, everyone loves Halloween. This year, celebrate with these 4 apps in the Airspace Store. Featuring skulls, alien invaders, zombies, and spiders, all of them are available for Mac and Windows.

This week in the Airspace Store, enjoy your favorite music without missing a beat and reach out to control Internet Explorer with our newest Windows apps. Plus, overcome a vengeful faerie queen in a free puzzle game that’s newly available for Mac.

Starting today, the Leap Motion Controller is now available for purchase at The leading online electronics retailer in the US, is a popular destination for gamers and tech fans. To kick off the launch, all purchases of the Leap Motion Controller by October 11 will receive a free download of GameWAVE.

From immersive universes to innovative first-person shooters, we’ve heard from thousands of gamers worldwide about unique gameplay possibilities for the Leap Motion Controller. Soon, you’ll be able to find both in a single game – and the prologue will be available exclusively as an app for Leap Motion. Based on the darkly humorous comics series, […]