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This week, ditch the remote and grab the popcorn with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion interaction – a whole new way to watch high-quality videos. Plus, a fast-paced speed racer that lives in your browser, magical fireflies, an arcade-style dubstep game, and an elegant wooden puzzle.

Get ready to play, learn, and create. From arcade-inspired games and alien fishing holes, to Internet time travel and ambient music, the newest apps in Airspace have something for everyone. Plus, three newly available trial apps – so you can try them for free before buying the full versions.

With the rise of new 3D web technologies, many of the most amazing Leap Motion apps live entirely online. This week, reach into Chrome and explore intricate virtual anatomy models. Plus, challenge your friends and the computer to a real-time game of geodetic shapes, destroy evil demons in a mysterious labyrinth, and create your own […]

This week in Airspace, stay alive for a minute at a time with Flow Studio’s newest fast-paced arcade game. Plus, foosball reimagined, match-3 cubes, Korean pop rhythms, an alcoholic balancing act, and 3D interactive mechanical models.

Every day, we’re surrounded by invisible connections that create an alternate landscape of data highs and lows. This week in Airspace, reach into five invisible cities around the world and watch the terrain warp over time. Plus, four new games, a musical journey through the stars, and an app to help you hand-eye coordination.

Ever wanted to smack a troll in the face with a smelly fish? Thanks to the latest free Airspace game, your wait is finally over. Also free this week, play with a magical puppet theater and learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. Plus, defeat wisecracking aliens and read the latest business news […]

Want to conquer an ionic storm, build a model airplane, or feed a baby turtle? Today, we’re featuring the three latest games to hit the Airspace Store, plus a creative tool that lets you create vivid sculptures in your browser.

Our tiny little device is making a big splash this holiday season. The Leap Motion Controller, which plugs into your Mac or PC, lets you control apps with the wave of a hand. Paint or sculpt clay in the air, drive a car, fight evil robots, explore the universe – it’s amazing what you can […]

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the past year, and with everything that’s been happening at Leap Motion, there’s a lot to look back on. While we’ve already talked about embedding our technology into 12 HP platforms and introducing support for 13 new currencies, here are three other recent developments that make […]

This week in Airspace, we’ve nearly doubled our apps since launching in July, with over 150 titles for you to discover. These include 3 brand-new web links, 3 Windows games, and a new standalone app for sound designers and professional musicians.