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We recently received an intriguing call from Puzzle Break, a Seattle-based company that specializes in building mysterious rooms. The types of mindbenders you’ve encountered in video games, except rendered in real life.

Last weekend’s Brainihack coding bender whet our appetites for what’s possible in the landscape of Neurotechnology, sending our imaginations into the far reaches of dystopian fantasies wherein objects (or people) can be levitated, then summoned, in the course of a single thought. This week, we had the opportunity to dig even deeper into next generation EEG headsets, virtual and augmented […]

Could physical therapy be fun, addictive, and stress-free? Last month, LEAP.AXLR8R founder Arvind Gupta showed how Ten Ton Raygun is gamifying the road to recovery for stroke and accident victims. Along with fellow AXLR8R developer Diplopia, they believe that motion control and game mechanics are a powerful combination in overcoming health issues. In our latest spotlight video, Ten […]

What if you spoke a different language than your friends and family? For many deaf people who communicate through sign language, this is an everyday reality. The people at MotionSavvy are breaking down these barriers by combining Leap Motion technology with language translation software. Being deaf themselves, they all have a personal stake in building a more expressive future.

When Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma paint interactive digital media directly onto the physical world, your senses feast in unexpected ways. Last fall, they delivered Growth, an immersive forest of trees you could manipulate and command with your hands in the air. Their most recent Leap Motion installation, ZX, went up this February in Vermont, […]

We’ve made some changes to how we ship the Leap Motion Controller globally to customers who purchase from our website. As we continue to build the next generation of our software, we want to streamline how we sell and ship our devices so we can be more efficient. At the same time, we want to […]

When Grammy-nominated composer BT was just a kid, his music teacher told him that nothing new would ever happen in the industry again – that becoming a master involved artfully rehashing the past.

Thankfully, BT rejected this idea early on. While he honed his skills studying the classics, the outpourings of his imagination found inspiration in the everyday sounds most people overlook. The nighttime orchestra of insects. The meter of a grandfather clock. In order to rein the subtle beauty of these sounds into cohesive compositions, he realized he needed tools that didn’t exist… yet.

This week, ditch the remote and grab the popcorn with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion interaction – a whole new way to watch high-quality videos. Plus, a fast-paced speed racer that lives in your browser, magical fireflies, an arcade-style dubstep game, and an elegant wooden puzzle.

SKYLINE is a 10-day architecture showcase that stretches across a completely walkable 10 x 10 block grid in downtown LA – where spaces ranging from penthouses to historic banks to hotel lobbies host interactive installations that embody the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Leap Motion was a natural fit for SKYLINE participant Behnaz Farahi, a […]

Get ready to play, learn, and create. From arcade-inspired games and alien fishing holes, to Internet time travel and ambient music, the newest apps in Airspace have something for everyone. Plus, three newly available trial apps – so you can try them for free before buying the full versions.