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This year’s Vivid Sydney light, sound, and ideas festival saw the collision of two powerhouse Australian art collectives – Ethno Tekh and Enig’matik Records. Together they built Enigma’Tekh, a whirring system of massive technicolor projections coating the facade of Sydney University.

By learning how to play an instrument, musicians have the power to channel beauty and emotion through their hands. This makes music theory a ripe playground for 3D motion control experiments. If learning to play a physical instrument is a matter of learning how that object works and building muscle memory, why can’t learning chord progressions happen the same way – but in the air?

With new features and a variety of under-the-hood improvements, version 1.2 of Airspace Home and our core software is now available – download it today! Then, kick up your heels and explore endless streams of incredible videos with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion. Also this week, discover how you can get started with Three.js […]

Will 2014 be the year of the hackathon? These massive coding parties are popping up everywhere, inspiring everything from nostalgic ’90s experiments to online real-time collaborative 3D tools. This week on Developer Labs, take a look into the wild world of student hackathons – including two web demos with Leap Motion control.

When Grammy-nominated composer BT was just a kid, his music teacher told him that nothing new would ever happen in the industry again – that becoming a master involved artfully rehashing the past.

Thankfully, BT rejected this idea early on. While he honed his skills studying the classics, the outpourings of his imagination found inspiration in the everyday sounds most people overlook. The nighttime orchestra of insects. The meter of a grandfather clock. In order to rein the subtle beauty of these sounds into cohesive compositions, he realized he needed tools that didn’t exist… yet.

Around the world, artists and developers are using the Leap Motion Controller to break down the boundaries between art and human beings. This week on Developer Labs, we have a table transformed into a musical instrument, creative software reinvented, and how artists are using motion control to change how we experience art. Plus, highlights from […]

With one of the largest Leap Motion communities on the planet, Japan is an incredible source of 3D interactive creations. A photo hackathon of epic proportions. Three unique web apps. Two Airspace experiments from game designer Eddie Lee. A Leap Motion-driven industrial album and biometric beatboxing. And that’s just scratching the surface!

Interactive art helps us extract impulses from our brains, thread by thread, and enact them in the world. Music takes this medium into mind-bending heights. What if we were able to transform any surface into a living, breathing musical instrument? Emerging designer and musician Felix Faire recently did just that with Contact, an acoustic Leap […]

The web is all around us. With new technologies like WebGL, you can unlock great performance for real-time graphics with very little effort. Recently, we decided to throw a party for employees and friends, and decided that the large venue would work great with interactive projections. By using the Leap Motion Controller, our guests could interact with the visuals using one hand while holding a drink in the other.

We’ve talked about the magic of WebGL before – how it unleashes the power of the web to do incredible things in 3D. With this latest experiment from Bartek Drozdz, you can reach into your browser and play with a variety of cool visuals to music. A liquid gem, cityscape, spherical lines, and more, all […]